While Tri-Dam continues to await the fall/winter drawdown schedule from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the Bureau opened the low-level outlet at New Melones on Friday August 28.  The outlet is being opened slowly until it reaches the required level. The release of cold water from Melones will be balanced with releases from Tulloch, while continuing to monitor water temperatures downstream from Tulloch.  Given the weather forecast and late opening of the low-level outlet, no changes at Tulloch are expected during the coming week and water levels are expected to remain at normal summer levels. Given this information, Tri-Dam continues to be optimistic that daily average normal operating levels at Tulloch (506.5 feet – 509.5 feet) could be maintained through September 7, 2015.  Please continue to watch Tri-Dam’s website at www.tridamproject.com for the actual schedule, which will be posted immediately upon receipt from the Bureau.

The above information was provided via The Tri-Dam Project.

Lake Tulloch’s water level is critically important to the Calaveras County Water District, because the District’s pumps water out of Tulloch to serve thousands of customers in Copperopolis. In order to ensure that water service and fire flows can continue to be provided to Copperopolis residents, CCWD is extending its water intake deeper into the lake. For more information, read this story.

Tri Dam Project Photo

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