Tank Management Plan

Project Description
The District has numerous welded steel water tanks constructed as far back as the 1970’s that are in varying levels of disrepair due to coating failures and subsequent corrosion, especially the roof structure. A Tank Management Plan will be prepared to assess the condition of all the District’s tanks, develop coordinated repair and/or replacement objectives, and establish a maintenance program. The management plan will identify the work required for each tank, such as coating/painting and extent of repair and/or replace of corrosion damage.

Project Purpose
To prepare a comprehensive and coordinated district-wide water tank repair and recoating program that will repair and/or replace roof structures and tank appurtenances due to rust/corrosion as well as sandblasting and recoating tank interior and exterior surfaces due to coating failure. The Tank Management Plan will also outline a long-term preventative maintenance program.

Written by CCWD