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CCWD provided drought – themed coloring books for the children who attended Kids Day at the Calaveras Master Gardener’s Demonstration Garden in San Andreas. What a great turnout!

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CCWD was honored to be the guest speaker at the Calaveras Master Gardener’s meeting today. An overview of the drought was given along with water conservation tips. CCWD thanks the Master Gardeners for partnering on drought awareness and providing drought-tolerant plants to the community for purchase at their demonstration garden, which is by the Government …

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Outdoor Tips

Outdoor water use Most Californians think that they use more water indoors than outdoors. Typically, the opposite is true. In some areas, 50 percent or more of the water we use daily goes on lawns and outdoor landscaping. There are lots of ways to save water at home, but reducing the water you use outdoors …

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Indoor Tips

Indoor water use Water is essential to each of us every day. But it’s a limited resource, so we all need to rethink the way we use water on a daily basis. By following these water-saving tips inside your home, you can help save water every day. Laundry room Use the washing machine for full …

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