Due to the Butte Fire, water service to the community of Sheep Ranch has been disrupted, and CCWD crews are working hard to get the system up and running. To ensure customers have access to drinking water, CCWD is providing bottled water at the Central Calaveras Fire and Rescue station 11309 Sheep Ranch Road in the center of town. The bottled water has been available since Wednesday afternoon and is free of charge to CCWD customers in Sheep Ranch.

The Sheep Ranch water system will be under a boil water advisory until further notice.

CCWD Boil Water Advisory for Sheep Ranch

Once CCWD’s water system comes online in Sheep Ranch, the water should only be used for taking showers, watering plants etc. until customers are advised otherwise. Do not use water for drinking or washing food items unless it has been boiled.  In accordance with state regulations, the District must test the water for at least two consecutive days to make sure it is safe to drink. Once the tests come back negative for potentially harmful bacteria, Sheep Ranch residents will be notified that the water is safe for consumption.

Questions about the Sheep Ranch water supply should be directed to the Customer Service Department at 209-754-3543 or customerservice@ccwd.org.


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