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Request for Proposals & Bids


Business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone: (209) 754-3181

Current Engineering Bid Requests

Bid NameDocumentsClose DateStatus
Maintenance Building Tenant Improvement ProjectRFP Maintenance Building Tenant Improvement Project

Project Drawings Part 2

Project Drawings Part 3

Addendum 1 Maintenance and Warehouse Tenant Improvements
8/19/20229/15/2022 at 2:00 PMOpen
Request for Proposals - Electrical Equipment for Hunters Reservoir Raw Water Intake Project (CIP 11103)370_RFP_Electrical 0706202207/06/202210/27/2022 at 2pmOpen
Request for Proposals - Vertical Turbine Pumps for Hunters Reservoir Raw Water Intake Project (CIP 11103)270_RFI_BW Response R.1. 07222022

370_RFP_Vertical Turbine Pumps 07052022
07/05/202210/27/2022 at 2pmOpen
Cost of Service and Financial Analysis Study - Request for Statement of Qualification and ProposalsCost of Service Study RFP 04.13.22

PSA - Standard, 21-22, Attachment A
West Point Water Supply Reliability ProjectView complete project contract documents here.3/17/20224/20/2022 at 2pmClosed
Copper Cove Water System Improvements - Planning, Engineering & Design ServicesView complete Statement of Qualifications and Request for Proposals HERE.2/17/20223/22/2022Closed
CC Lift Station 6, 8, 15 & 18 Renovations and Lift Station 12 & 13 Force Main Bypass Project (CIP 15076/15080)View complete project contract documents here.2/4/20225/31/2022 @ 2pmClosed
West Point & Wilseyville Wastewater Treatment Plant Consolidation Project (CIP 15091)View complete project contract documents here.2/4/20223/22/2022 @ 2pmClosed
Jenny Lind Water System Tank A-B Water Transmission Pipeline Project - Engineering & Design ServicesRFP Jenny Lind A-B Water Transmission Main CIP#1108812/15/20212/3/2022Closed
Hunters Raw Water Pump Station Mitigation Project - Biological & Cultural Resources for CEQA & Future Permitting NEPARFP Hunters Raw Water Intake (Environmental) 2021121512/15/20211/13/2022Closed
Hunters Raw Water Pump Station Mitigation Project - Design/Engineering ServicesRFP Hunters Raw Water Intake 2021120312/03/20211/13/2022Closed
Copper Cove Wastewater Improvements & Facilities PlanRFQ Copper Cove Wastewater Improvements (CIP 15094)

Non-mandatory job walk on September 30, 2021 at 10am.
Sheet Sept.30, 2021 Job Walk

Addendum 1 CCWWT Improvements
CC Reclaim 8-21
Professional Services Agreement (updated 6.28.21)
9/16/202110/26/2021 @ 5pmClosed
Development of CCWD AWIA Emergency Response PlanDevelopment of CCWD's Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in full compliance with America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 (AWIA; Section 2013(b)). CCWD required to prepare and certify ERP by December 23, 2021.
Request for Proposals Document
CCWD AWIA Risk & Resiliency Assessment (Public Version)
Maintenance and Warehouse Building ProjectMaintenance and Warehouse Project Manual 11101

Maintenance and Warehouse Project Drawings 11101

Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet

Geotechnical Report

Addendum_1_Maintenance and Warehouse
8/3/20218/25/2021 @ 2:00pmClosed
Sheep Ranch Water Supply Reliability Study and Facilities Master PlanRFP Sheep Ranch Water Supply 2107297/29/20219/2/2021Closed
Ebbetts Pass Redwood Water Storage Tanks Project - Site Improvements11095 Project Manual

11095 Project Drawings

Addendum 1 - EP Redwood Tanks HMGP
6/3/20216/29/2021 @ 2:00pmClosed
Pre-Engineered Metal Building Maintenance and Warehouse BuildingRFP_Mechanics Warehouse Metal Building

Addendum 1 Steel Building
4/5/20214/21/2021 @ 2:00pmClosed
Ebbetts Pass Redwood Water Storage Tanks Project - Bolted Steel Tank Materials Procurement and InstallationProject Manual 11095A

11095A Project Drawings EP HMGP Bolted Steel Tanks

Addendum 1 EP Redwood Tanks HMGP, Bolted Steel Tanks (11095A)

Addendum #2 EP Redwood Water Tank Replacement

Addendum 3 EP Redwood Tanks HMGP Water Storage Tanks (11095A)
2/22/20214/8/2021 @ 2:00 p.m.Closed
Arnold WWTF Secondary Clarifier RFPArnold_WWTF_Improvement_Project_RFP_010421_15095
1/05/20213/2/2021 @ 4:00p.m.Closed
Wallace Lake Estates WWTF Electrical and Instrumentation Improvement Project 15087 Project_Manual_15087_102120
10/27/202012/9/2020 @ 2:00 p.m.Closed
Design/Engineering Services, West Point & Wilseyville Wastewater Consolidation ProjectRFP Design West Point Wilseyville 08-04-208/4/20209/24/2020 at 4:00 p.m.Closed
2020 Urban Water Management Plan Update2020 UWMP Update RFP7/6/20208/14/2020 @ 5:00 p.m.Closed
Advanced Metering Infrastructure ProjectAddendum 2
Addendum 1
Bid Package
Maintenance and Warehouse BuildingBid Results

Planholders List

Addendum 3

Addendum 2

Addendum 1

Project Manual

CCWD Maintenance and Warehouse Drawings

Bid Notice - Maintenance Building
2/24/20204/17/20 @ 4:00p.m.Closed
RFP - Jenny Lind, La Contenta, Copper Cove Water and Wastewaster Capacity Fee UpdateCCWD Capacity Fee RFP1/27/20203/11/2020Closed
Techite Pipeline Replacement ProjectBid Abstract-Techite_11084
Project Manual
Planholder's List 2.20.20
Techite Pipeline Addendum #1
1/21/20203/12/2020 @ 2 p.m.Closed
Jenny Lind Service Lines ReplacementBID SUMMARY- JL-Kirby-Gabor-Garner # 11066GSeptember 5, 2019August 29, 2019Closed
Jenny Lind Service Lines ReplacementBid Abstract- JL-Kirby-Gabor-Garner #11066G w-EngEstSeptember 5, 2019August 29, 2019Closed
Jenny Lind Service Line Replacement ProjectProject Manual for Jenny Lind (Kirby, Gabor, Garner) Service Lines Replacement - 080119August 1, 2019August 29, 2019Closed
Jenny Lind Service Line Replacement ProjectAddendum #1 JL Service LinesAugust 23, 2019August 29, 2019Closed
Jenny Lind Service Line Replacement ProjectAttach-A-Encroachment-PermitAugust 22, 2019August 29, 2019Closed
Jenny Lind Service Line Replacement ProjectAttach-B-ESCPAugust 22, 2019August 29, 2019Closed
Jenny Lind Service Line Replacement ProjectAttach-C-Gas-MapsAugust 22, 2019August 29, 2019Closed