Project Map
PowerPoint Presentation from Community Meeting

This project will replace about 20,000 feet of 12-inch diameter transmission pipeline that runs from the Arnold Cal-Fire Station along Highway 4 to Blagen Road and terminates at CCWD’s Sawmill Tank above White Pines. Funding for this $5.3 million project comes from a combination of a $1.378 million grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, a $2.622 million loan from USDA and $1.3 million in local matching funds from CCWD’s Capital Renovation and Replacement fund. Construction will begin in mid-May and the project is expected to be complete in November.

Quick Facts

  • 12-inch Ductile Iron / 250 to 300-psi
  • 3.75 Miles (20,000 feet) with 16 PRV Stations
  • Old pipeline built 1965 – New pipeline should last 75 years
  • Starts at Cal-Fire Station, ends at Sawmill Tank
  • Tunnel will be dug under Highway 4 near Meadowmont Shopping Center
  • Strive to not interrupt residential and business water service for more than 1 day

Impacted Service Areas

• Cal-Fire
• Lakemont
• Meadowmont
• Big Trees Market
• Cedar Center
• Millwoods
• Lilac Park
• Ebbetts Pass Fire
• Blagen Rd
• Hazel Fisher School
• White Pines Park
• Logging Museum
• Baseball Field
• Moose Lodge

Project Documents

How to Stay Informed about the Project• Visit our website –  – and click the Reach 3A icon
• Reach 3A Information Line: 209-754-3297
• Facebook:
• Local newspapers, websites, radio and television.
• Roadside signage and flyers posted throughout the community

For More Information

Contact CCWD Customer Service at (209) 754-3543 or

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