Due to diverse topography in Calaveras County, the Calaveras County Water District’s water distribution system operates at a wide variety of water pressures. While the District strives to maintain pressures between 30 and 80 psi throughout its water systems, pressures in some areas are in excess of 150 psi.

To avoid potential water pressure damage to personal plumbing systems, it is the customer’s responsibility to install a pressure reducing valve (PRV), on their property between CCWD’s water meter and the house. Not all PRVs are created equal, so the District strongly encourages customers to take a water pressure reading at their properties using a pressure gauge and purchase a PRV that is designed to handle that level of pressure (Click here for instructions on how to do this or watch this video tutorial). The District’s recommends installing a PRV rated for up to 300 psi (Click here for a guide to  installing a PRV). Customers can also call the District at (209) 754-3543 to request a water pressure estimate for their properties.

Pressure Reducing Valve

The District recommends customers hire a professional, certified plumber to install a PRV. In many cases, it is most effective to install two PRVs – one near the water meter by the street and another where the water line enters the house. After the installation of a PRV, ongoing maintenance, repairs and replacement costs are the property owner’s responsibility.

A PRV protects customer plumbing from high water pressure and from infrequent pressure surges. In order to help regulate pressure, CCWD has installed large PRVs on distribution lines throughout its systems. While these mainline PRVs are made of high quality materials, they can fail. When a District PRV fails, it does so in the “open” position to ensure fire flows are maintained. If a failure occurs, the water pressure delivered to customers’ properties could be much higher than normal. While such failures are unpredictable and rare, the resulting pressure surge from a failure could damage customers’ water lines, hot water heaters, appliances, etc. The District recommends that all customers install a PRV on their personal water lines to protect from pressure surges, even if normal, day-to-day water pressure is not usually above 80 psi.

The District is not liable for any damage arising from high pressure, per CCWD Resolution 2001-22. Customers that decide not to install PRVs on their personal water lines assume responsibility for the risks and liabilities for any damages that may occur.


Anyone with further questions may contact CCWD Customer Service at customerservice@ccwd.org or (209) 754-3543.

Instructions on how to install a PRV

Written by CCWD