Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Project

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Project

CCWD Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Project

Calaveras County Water District’s (CCWD) Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project will upgrade all the water meters in the district and improve CCWD’s meter reading system. CCWD will replace all 13,000+ water meters with new, highly-accurate meters. These advanced meters will send usage data to CCWD through a wireless network. This technology is known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

Current Project Status

Network Installation: Contractors are currently setting up network installation equipment throughout the District. This includes connectors, repeaters and solar panels that are vital for data to be transferred from your meter to the CCWD administrative office. All networking equipment is placed within public utility easements or on CCWD property. Network installation should be completed by Fall, 2021.

Meter Installation: METER INSTALLS ARE CURRENTLY OCCURRING IN THE ARNOLD AREA. Meter installs will began the week of August 23rd. Keystone Utility Systems is our subcontractor who will be conducting meter installations throughout the District.  Keystone started switching out meters in neighborhoods at the highest elevation of Ebbetts Pass in the Big Trees Village area and is working their way down. Once Keystone is getting ready to change your meter, you will see a large construction sign on the road near your neighborhood to give you a heads up. When your new meter is installed, a door tag will be placed on your door informing you.

About the AMI Project

Currently, CCWD utilizes dated manual-read meters. District staff read the meters every two months. The AMI system will use advanced meters that can send usage data through a wireless network to the CCWD office. The meters will send data use in real time, as needed (usually once per day). A new software system will keep track of usage and averages for each customer. All data is collected securely and does not contain a customer’s personal information.

How AMI Works

An advanced metering system uses a wireless network to provide detailed data that is easily accessible online by customers and CCWD staff.

  • Advanced water meters transmit real time water use data over a wireless network.
  • CCWD Staff can access data and more detailed reports about water use throughout the district.
  • Customers can access data from a web portal
AMI Flow Chart