Lake Tulloch Likely to Stay Full Until September

[dropcap ]T[/dropcap]ri-Dam Project staff addressed hundreds of attendees Saturday March 7, 2015, at a meeting regarding the possible drawdown of Lake Tulloch. Calaveras County Water District staff also answered questions from the public. Tri-Dam staff said that they expect to bring Tulloch up to normal summer levels (508.5 feet) and keep it there until September. At that time, Tri-Dam expects to drawdown the reservoir to between 474 and 478 feet. Tri-Dam made it clear that these projections could change based on negotiations with the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

If the reservoir is kept at normal levels, CCWD customers will not have their water supply interrupted this summer. If the reservoir is brought down to 474 feet in September, CCWD’s existing intakes are still expected to function normally. However, CCWD will continue to pursue funding from the Department of Water Resources to help cover the cost of extending the District’s intake deeper into Lake Tulloch. The District must be prepared if Tulloch is drawn down below 474 feet in future years. For more information about the status of Tulloch’s water level, go to

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