June 2: Arnold Pipeline Replacement Project Update

New pipeline construction has begun in the area between White Pines Park and CCWD’s 3 million gallon Sawmill Tank, which is on top of the hill above the Moose Lodge. This section of pipeline will be under construction for the next three-to-four weeks.

Starting the week of June 6, construction will begin on Fir Street near downtown Arnold, where T&S Construction will install a small water distribution pipeline to serve homes in that area. There will be disruptions in service to customers living in that area.

Beginning in mid-to-late June, the contractor expects to begin work on the section of pipeline along Blagen Road. Additionally, the contractor will be installing additional isolation valves at key points along the entire line. These valves will allow the contractor to take smaller sections of the main transmission pipeline out of service, thus minimizing the impacts on customers during construction.

Project information will be updated periodically to ensure our customers and members of the public have access to the latest information.

If you have additional questions, you may call (209) 754-3543 to speak with the CCWD Customer Service Team or email customerservice@ccwd.org.

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