Girl Scout Troop 1557 Learns About Conservation

The Calaveras County Water District gave a presentation to Girl Scout Troop 1557 Thursday afternoon, with a focus on how to save energy and conserve water. Leading the presentation was Randy Scheidt, who is a distribution supervisor for the greater Rancho Calaveras area. Troop 1557 boasts a membership of 15 girls between third and fifth grade, and is led by Gina Black and Angie Warren.

“We are learning about water and energy conservation this month,” Warren said. “We were very pleased that Randy was able to give us a presentation about the things we can do to save water and energy. He did an excellent job keeping the girls’ attention by giving real-life examples and drawing pictures. They all learned so much.”

CCWD also provided Troop 1557 with a variety of water conservation supplies that will be useful in meeting their conservation goals.

“We love these conservation supplies,” Warren enthused. “The girls have already installed low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators and are using moisture meters to see if house plants need to be watered.”

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