Emergency Project Completed in Arnold: Water Service Returns to Normal

As of 8:30 this morning, CCWD completed the emergency water transmission line tie-in project and water service has returned to normal for the Arnold community.

For details on this emergency project, please read this press release.

During construction projects of this nature, it is common for minerals to be dislodged from the inside walls of pipelines, which can cause customers to experience discolored water. Crews are flushing lines in the Arnold area this morning to minimize these impacts. However, it’s important to remember that even if the water is discolored, it is completely safe to drink and poses no health risk. If customers would like to flush their personal plumbing systems to remove the discolored water, they can turn on an outside faucet at the lowest point on the property and let it run until the water turns clear.

Those with questions or comments regarding this emergency project may contact CCWD Customer Service at 209-754-3543 or customerservice@ccwd.org.

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