CCWD Sanitary Sewer Management Plan

2021 Update and Audit

Statewide General Orders No. 2006-003 DWQ and WQ-2013-0058 EXEC collectively regulate Wastewater Collections Systems. Implementation of an SSMP is a requirement of these General Orders. SSMPs lay the groundwork for effective and efficient wastewater collections system management and provide operational procedures designed to reduce the number and severity of collections system sewer overflows.

As part of the Statewide General Orders, SSMPs are required to undergo a two-year audit. Staff have completed the 2021 audit of the SSMP and have updated procedural changes, workflow descriptions, and contact information.

2021 SSMP

2019 Update and Audit

This SSMP has been prepared in compliance with requirements of the State Water Resource Control Board’s (SWRCB) adopted Statewide General Waste Discharge Requirement (GWDR) of May 2, 2006. Treatment plants have been regulated for some time, and collection systems are the last major component of the wastewater management system to be regulated. The GWDR applies to all public collection system agencies in California that own or operate collection systems comprised of more than one mile of pipe or sewer lines, which convey untreated wastewater to a publicly owned treatment facility, and requires each agency to prepare a Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP). This SSMP has been prepared because the District meets these criteria.