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As of June 20, 2016, CCWD has implemented a new payment processing system called Paymentus. To use the new system, all CCWD customers must create new online accounts. Existing accounts created using our old system will not work after August 31, 2016. Enrolling in the District's new system will ensure that customers have quick and easy access to their CCWD accounts through the "Customer Portal". This new system allows customers to make one-time payments, enroll in AutoPay, view e-Bills, set up email payment reminders, and easily manage multiple accounts. Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Instructions for registering

  1. From the CCWD website, click the "Pay My Bill" icon
  2. Click “Click Here to Register Now” to create your new account
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Click "Enroll"
  5. Click “Log-in to Customer Portal”
  6. Next, enter your account number (It is located on the top, right portion of your utility bill)
  7. We recommend signing up for electronic bills and checking the "Email notifications" box
  8. After agreeing to terms and conditions, click “Add Account”
  9. If you have more than one utility account, you may add additional accounts by clicking on the "Accounts" tab and clicking on the "Plus" icon.
  10. Follow the same steps listed above to add additional accounts.
  11. You are now able to manage your CCWD accounts from the Paymentus Customer Portal

To enroll in AutoPay

  1. Click on the "AutoPay" tab
  2. Click the "Plus" icon next to "Add Schedule"
  3. Select the Utility Bill Account you wish to set up with AutoPay and click "Continue"
  4. If you have already added a payment method, it will appear and you can select it. If you have not added a payment method, you can add one by clicking "Add new". This will bring up a new screen called "Add Payment Method"
  5. Select "Credit" "Debit" or E-Check" and complete the form. Once the form is complete, click "Add" then click "Continue"
  6. Under "Frequency" select the frequency that you would like to pay. We recommend you choose "On the due date of each bill", which ensures your account will never be late. However, if other automatic payment schedules meet your needs, you have weekly, biweekly, monthly and bimonthly options
  7. If you would like to set and end date for your autopay, click on the "Calendar" icon and select the date you want your autopay to end
  8. Under "Schedule Notification Preferences" you can choose to receive notifications by email, text message (SMS) or phone
  9. To choose the number of days you would like to be notified prior to your automatic payment processing, click on the "Do not remind me" dropdown menu and choose 2, 3 or 4 days
  10. Click "Confirm Schedule"
  11. You will see the "Schedule Created" screen
  12. Please verify that you have set up your payments correctly
  13. To set up another account for autopay, click "Back to AutoPay"

Please note: Payments will be posted to your account within two business days

Customers with questions may contact the Customer Service Department: (209) 754-3543 or email customerservice@ccwd.org
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