Customer Service Forms

Instructions to Sign Up For CCWD Online Accounts and AutoPay
Paper Bills to Secondary Parties Form
Leak Adjustment Request Form
Account Update Form
2023 Capacity Fees
Summary of CCWD Billing Options
CCWD Termination of Service Request Form
CCWD Termination of Service Resolution and Policy
CCWD Ordinance No. 2018-01
An Ordinance of Calaveras County Water District

Modifying Rates for Water and Wastewater Services
Click Here for Ordinance
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Customer Service Handouts - For Residential & Commercial Customers
Welcome to CCWD Information Package
(Quote for New Service)
Customer Service Handouts - For Residential Customers
Installation of Residential Water Service
Installation of Residential Gravity Sewer Service
Installation of Residential Pumped Sewer Service
Foreclosure Abatement Agreement
Foreclosure Abatement Resolution
Customer Service Handouts - For Commercial Customers
Installation of Grease Trap
Commercial Account Review Application

Application for Concept Review
If your project requires modification of the current CCWD infrastructure.

Print Concept Review Application

Wastewater Demand Factors
Guide outlining our current wastewater demand factors

Download Wastewater Demand Factors