Copper Cove , Poker Flat Lift Stations 8, 12 & 13 Lake Tulloch Force Main Bypass

Project Description
The main sewer flows from Poker Flat LS 8 to LS 12 via an existing 6″ PVC force main in proximity of Lake Tulloch. From LS 12 the sewer is pumped to LS 13 and then pumped a third time to reach Connors Main Lift Station. The project will relocate the existing force main further from the lake and construct new force main (approximately 4,300 feet) and tie into Conors Main Lift Station. The existing LS 8 will have to be upgraded to handle the longer force main length and general rehabilitation including new pumps, PG&E service upgrade, new electrical control panel and wetwell “can” overhaul/replacement.

Project Purpose
Reduce possibility of line break causing raw sewage discharge into public water supply. The existing 6″ PVC force main poses a significant risk of a potential line break and potential spill into the lake. LS 12 and LS 13 are near the shoreline of Lake Tulloch and have no emergency overflow tanks; there is a high potential for a spill because CCWD has little time to respond to lift station alarms.

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