Calaveras Conserves was formed in Spring, 2015 as an opportunity for agencies to provide a consistent outreach message to the community during droughts. All major water agencies in Calaveras County are members including, Union Public Utility District, Valley Springs Public Utility District, City of Angels, Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company, Utica Power and Water Authority, Calaveras Public Utility District and Calaveras County Water District. As a partnership, these agencies are meeting regularly during the current drought with the goal of providing the most up to date water conservation information for customers throughout the County.


Calaveras Conserves encourages residents and visitors of the County to use water efficiently and prepare for extended dry conditions. While no mandatory conservation measures have been imposed by state officials, Gov. Gavin Newsom is calling on all Californians to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 15 percent compared to 2020 levels. However, state officials my be providing updates to conservation measures in the near future. Many larger water agencies, including Calaveras County Water District, are under 20% state mandated conservation measures.

As we are in the thick of the hot summer months, we will continue to thank Calaveras County residents and visitors for their ongoing water-use efficiency efforts and will remind everyone to use water wisely. The Calaveras County community can practice water efficiency year-round and make a difference by finding and fixing leaks, taking shorter showers and installing water efficient landscaping.

Calaveras County Water Agency | Water Shortage Response Status

The Urban Water Management Planning Act requires that each water supplier provide a Water Shortage Contingency Plan that outlines how the supplier will prepare for and respond to water shortages. Each water agency in Calaveras County moves into stages of response based on the water supply conditions within their service area. See below for the most current conservation response stage for your local water agency. 
Blue Lake Springs Municipal Water CompanyStage 2 - 20% Mandatory Conservation
Calaveras County Water DistrictStage 2 - 20% Mandatory Conservation
Calaveras Public Utility District20% Voluntary Conservation
City of Angels15% Voluntary Conservation
Utica Water and Power Authority15% Voluntary Conservation
Union Public Utility District15% Voluntary Conservation
Valley Springs Public Utility DistrictEncouraging 20% Conservation

Water Saving Tips