CCWD Seeks Help From the Community to Prevent Water Theft

As California moves through the fourth consecutive year of drought, water is becoming increasingly scare and water theft is on the rise. Since Calaveras County Water District staff cannot monitor the entire service area at all times, we ask for the community’s help to catch water thieves.

If anyone witnesses suspicious activity involving the filling of a tanker truck or smaller container from a fire hydrant, this may be an incident of water theft. If a potential water theft is witnessed, please do not approach the person taking water because it could be dangerous. Instead, witnesses should call CCWD at 209-754-3543 to make a report. Please write down a description of the truck and the person(s) taking water, time, date and licence number. These details will help the District work effectively with local law enforcement.

Not all water thefts involve CCWD’s public water distribution system. Water is also being taken from lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. If anyone witnesses this type of water theft, they may report it to the State Water Resources Control Board. Visit the Water Rights Enforcement website to learn how to file a report.

CCWD appreciates the community’s help to stop water theft during this severe drought.

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