Boil Water Notice Lifted for Customers in Meadowmont

The Calaveras County Water District lifted the boil water notice for about 1,000 customers in the Meadowmont Subdivision in Arnold, after state-mandated testing showed no trace of potentially harmful bacteria in the water. The District is hand-delivering written notices to all impacted customers this morning informing them they can return to using water normally.

Because all the state-mandated testing came back without any trace of potentially harmful bacterial, there is no need for customers to flush their personal plumbing systems to throw away their ice.

Click here to read the flyer being hand-delivered to customers today.

Those with questions or concerns may call the District’s Customer Service Department at (209) 754-3543 or email


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  • sherryl pearsall
    March 8, 2017 6:21 pm

    I think all of the residents living in the Arnold community should have been notified of this Heath Hazard thru the mail, or door to door,or thru some way that all of us in Arnold would have know in a timely manner of health hazard and informing everyone that we need to boil our water before consuming. Not just after health hazard has been resolved. Yes it is important to be notified that hazzard has been resolved, but do you not think it would be more important to have gone door to door when and informed people during the time the hazzard is happining? I think that CCWD should should be more responsible in the way they have been handle all the mishaps of installing new pipeline. I realize CCWD is a corporation and have a responsibility to their company and share holders, should they not as well to all the people who lives they are and have effected in a negative way?
    It would be appreciated if big companies like CCWD would take into consideration of adding employee to actively, in a timely manner respond to all the mishaps or screw ups or accident that might happen that does effect human lives and there homes in any way. As well as follow up and resolving problems after mishaps. Do you not have a responsibility to your customers as well as all the people you effect? It would be nice if you would have someone come and check and resolve problems this pipeline has created. Instead of having to go to court or some other inconvent way that takes my time away from doing what I need to do. I realize that i am not a customer of CCWD nor do I own a home or own anything I would even think about taking it to court. But Your mishaps Have and will effect me and my health esspically when it starts to warm up all the water under the house I live in will turn to mold and hopefully the damage does not jeperided the foundation of the house or hopefully has not caused so much damage we have to move,

    • Joel Metzger
      March 8, 2017 7:25 pm

      Hi Sherryl,

      Thank you for sharing the concerns you have about the recent emergency leak repair in Arnold. CCWD hand-delivered notices to all customers who were impacted by the boil water notice on the day it occurred and also on the day it was lifted. If you have additional concerns about the Reach 3A Pipeline Replacement Project’s impacts to your home, please contact us directly at 209-754-3123.

  • I think all of us affected should at least receive some kind of credit on our water bill. It was very inconvenient and concerning to have this problem with our water for almost a week! Thanks~

    • Hi Holly,
      We understand that you experienced inconveniences during the emergency leak repairs and subsequent boil water notice that took place in Arnold. It is not the District’s practice to provide credits to customers’ bills after emergency leak repairs and boil water notices. However, if you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to give us a call at 209-754-3123.

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