Arnold Pipeline Project Community Meeting Recap

Arnold community members engaged in a constructive Q&A session with CCWD staff Tuesday evening at the Reach 3A Pipeline Replacement Project community meeting held at Independence Hall in White Pines. After a 30-minute presentation by CCWD staff members that outlined the $5.3 million project, the next 30 minutes consisted a series of excellent questions from attendees that fleshed out important considerations like whether the project will impact popular summer events at Cedar Center and other community venues. After a healthy dialogue, all attendees were given detailed information on how to stay informed about the project, which is expected to begin in mid May.

CCWD representatives present were: Dave Eggerton, Bertha Underhill, Charles Palmer, Jesse Hampton and Joel Metzger. The owners of T&S Construction also attended and answered questions.

To read a detailed summary of the Reach 3A Project, visit this page that CCWD has dedicated to Reach 3A.

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