2015 Urban Water Management Plan Public Draft

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The Calaveras County Water District is seeking comments from the public on this plan. Please submit comments by June 3, 2016, to Peter Martin, CCWD Water Resources Program Manager, at peterm@ccwd.org or call him at 209-754-3094.

Water planning is an essential function of water suppliers, but is particularly critical as California faces ongoing drought and expected long-term changes in climate. Prior to the adoption of the Urban Water Management Planning Act in 1983, there were no specific requirements for water agencies to conduct long-term planning. While many agencies had conducted planning efforts prior to the Act, there were a number who did not and were thus left vulnerable to supply disruptions resulting from drought or catastrophic events. The Calaveras County Water District (CCWD/District) understands that water is a limited resource and that a long-term reliable supply of water is essential to protect the local and state economy. The District is committed to reducing the per capita demand of its water customers. It also recognizes that, while conservation and efficient use of water is a statewide concern, planning for this use is best done at a local level. As described in this Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP), the District has developed multiple water supplies and implemented successful water conservation programs. By preparing this UWMP Update, the District is primarily meeting all necessary regulatory requirements pursuant to the Urban Water Management Planning Act, but the subsidiary benefits are immeasurable. This professional strategic planning document further shows the commitment of the District to ensure the availability of adequate future supplies by efficiently using its current supplies to protect both its customers and the water and natural resources of this County, in any planning scenario.

California Water Code 10642 states that prior to adopting the 2015 UWMP, the water supplier must hold a public hearing. The purpose of the public hearing is to allow public input on the Plan, consider economic impacts of the UWMP, and adopt a method for determining the water supplier’s water use target. In order to give the public adequate time to review the draft plan in advance of the hearing, a public draft was published online on May 10. CCWD will hold a Public Hearing on May 25, 2016. Comments may be submitted to CCWD’s Water Resources Program Manager, Peter Martin, at peterm@ccwd.org.

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