In order to help customers stay informed on CCWD’s progress on leak repairs in Rancho Calaveras, the District is posting a list of the leaks that have been reported. Once our crews have fixed a leak, it will be marked as “repaired”, and we will add new leaks to the list as they arise.

  • Jenny Lind Road (repaired)
  • Crotty
  • Harding
  • Berkesey
  • Baldwin (three leaks repaired)
  • Silver Rapids (three leaks repaired)
  • Yost
  • Thornicroft
  • Doss Court
  • Cane Lane
  • Siegal (repaired)
  • Nall
  • Westhill
  • Goggin (repaired)
  • Redmann (repaired)
  • Barde
  • Siegal (repaired)
  • Cox
  • Jenny Lind Vista (repaired)
  • Hartvickson (one leak repaired, two more reported)
  • Dunn
  • Garner (three leaks repaired)
  • Huatley
  • Dunn & Bane (large sections of water line are being replaced by CCWD’s Construction Crew)

Those with questions or concerns about leak repair efforts in Rancho Calaveras may contact Joel Metzger, manager of external affairs, at (209) 754-3123 or

Written by Joel Metzger