CCWD Water Management Reports 

Comanche/Valley Springs
Groundwater Monitoring Program

USGS Test Drilling and Data Collection - 12/2009 to 6/2011

Calaveras County Ground Water Sampling Plan
Supplement to USGS Report

Technical Memorandum
Groundwater Characteristics and Recharge Implications
Near Lake Camanche and Valley Springs, California

Calaveras County Monitoring Plan (CASGEM)
Portions of the Eastern San Joaquin Ground Water Subbasin

Water Management Plans

CCWD Urban Water Management Plan Final - 2010
Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Update

Groundwater Management Plan Update Final - 2007
Phase II Groundwater Management Study - SB 1938 Update - 2005
Local Agency Groundwater Protection Program Final Report - 2004
Camanche - Valley Springs Hydrogeologic Assessment - 2003
CCWD Groundwater Management Plan - 2001
1996 County Water Master Plan

Please note that some of CCWDs Stanislaus River and Calaveras River water rights referred to in the 1996 County Water Master Plan were modified by action of the State Water Resources Board in 1997. Refer to Water Right Orders 97-05 and 97-06 at the following link:

Potential for Agricultural Development in Calaveras County

CCWD Potential Agriculture Report - 6/2011

Calaveras River Baseline Water Quality Monitoring Program

Phase 2 Final Report May, 2005 - Executive Summary
Phase 2 Final Report May, 2005 - Full Report
Phase 2 Final Report May, 2005 - Appendix A
Phase 2 Final Report May, 2005 - Appendix B

Calaveras River Watershed Management Program

Calaveras River Watershed Management Program - July 2003 Update
3'x5' Storyboard - Working together to Manage Our Resources
3'x5' Storyboard - Collaboration Success
3'x5' Storyboard - Looking to the Future

Mokelumne River Watershed Assessment

Upper Mokelumne River Watershed Assessment and
Planning Project - Dec. 2007
Executive Summary of the Watershed Assessment

Potential Agriculture Areas

The District is engaged in an effort to address raw water and wastewater recycling needs throughout the County. We are 'developing' a map of potential water demands throughout the County.

Potential Agriculture Area Map - 2009

Stanislaus River Information

North Fork Stanislaus River Hydroelectric Development Project
Stanislaus River Sanitary Survey - 2006


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